Upcoming Auctions

Storage Unit Auctions

Public Auctions will be held to sell delinquent and abandoned storage units.


November 16, 2017

11:00 am at 3950 Kent Road in Stow, Ohio

  1:00 pm at 3566 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


November 18, 2017

  9:30 am at 1130 Taylor Street in Elyria, Ohio

11:00 am at 1534 Lowell Street in Elyria, Ohio

  1:00 pm at 2230 West Park Drive in Lorain, Ohio


November 19, 2017

10:00 am at 1055 East Alexis Road in Toledo, Ohio

  1:00 pm at 645 Earlwood Avenue in Oregon, Ohio

  3:00 pm at 4420 Woodville Road in Northwood, Ohio


Two public auctions will be held on Thursday, November 16, 2017, and the contents of the storage unit rented by Occupants listed below will be sold (unless redeemed by Occupant prior to the sale).  “Contents” includes but is not limited to items listed, and units are typically sold as one lot to the highest bidder.


(1)  At 11:00 am at Stop-N-Stor, 3950 Kent Rd, Stow OH 44224:


Mattress, box springs,  bed frame, couch, love seat, chair, pillows, vacuum, book shelves, tv stand, headboard, microwave, tool  box,  boxes

Adam Carney

731 Monroe Ave. Apt  1 C

Cuyahoga  Falls, OH  44221


bike, boxes,  crutches

Patrick Clegg

1507 Mac Drive

Stow, OH  44224


bags,  boxes,  wrapping  paper

Kimberly Henry

4727 Garnet Circle

Stow, OH  44224


computer desk, books, boxes, Christmas decorations,  clothes

Kathi Meyer

331 E. Tallmadge Ave.

Akron, OHIO  44310 2350



(2) At 1:00 pm at Stop-N-Stor, 3566 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223:


Bed, Boots, Statues, Chicken Wire, Wooden Swing, Tool Belt, Tool Box, Barrel Chair, Wine Rack, Duffelbag, Totes, Boxes.

Jason Baker

947 Pichetto Tr

Livingston, TX  77351


Bikes,Totes,Suitcase,Stroller,Car Parts, Christmas decor, Fourwheeler, Datsun

Eric  J Carlson

3757 Kent Rd

Stow, OH  44224


Pool Equipment/ Parts, Bike, Skateboard, Snowboard, Helmet, Back Pack, Christmas Tree, Shop  Vac, Folding Chairs.

Holly N Haller

2621 Elmwood St

Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221


 Bed Frame, Weed Wacker, Guitar, Suitcase, Childs Toy Four Wheeler, Ottoman, 3 Beds, Luggage, Sofa, Flat Screen TV, Computer Monitor.

Tracy Lykes

1009 Peerless Ave

Akron, OH  44320


Luggage, Duffle Bag, Sweeper, Patio Umbrella, Boxes/Totes, Chest, Sofa, Mattress/Box Spring, Coffee Table, Bed Rails, Ironing Board, Wall Art, TV.

Michael Reilly

501 Avenue D

Abernathy, TX  79311


Bags, Office Chair, Mattress, Chest of Drawers, Nightstand,Totes, Fan, Guitar, Bed Frame, Vacuum.

Douglas J Scholidon

1274 Myrtle Ave

Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221


Totes, Boxes, Keyboard, DVD Player, Chest of Drawers, Kitchen Wares, Xbox Games, Foam Plane.

Neil Sheridan

2331 Hillside St

Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221


Three public auctions will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2017, and the contents of the storage unit rented by Occupants listed below will be sold (unless redeemed by Occupant prior to the sale).  “Contents” includes but is not limited to items listed, and units are typically sold as one lot to the highest bidder.


(1) At 9:30 am at Stop-N-Stor, 1130 Taylor St, Elyria OH  44035:


washer, dryer, buffet, hutch, dining table & chairs

Deborah A Barnes

P.O. Box 681

North Olmsted, OH  44070


bed frame, mirror, sweeper, end table, chairs, side tables, vanities, coffee table, couch, pitcher & bowl, jugs, mattresses, antique comb & brush set, bags, boxes

Roslyn M Griffin

837 West River Rd N

Elyria, OH  44035


sofa, coffee tables, briefcase, boxes, stereo cabinet, vacuum, chair, chest of drawers

Randal K Henderson

PO Box 1803

Elyria, OH  44036


floor lamp, end tables, corner shelf, cane, boxes, bags, sofa, loveseat, suitcase, tv, bed frame, bakeware

John K MacNeal

10 Partridge Ln

Southwick, MA  01077


fans, slatwall boards, sofa, minifridge, mattress & box springs, totes, boxes, bags, display cases

Yvette C Miller

341 17Th St

Elyria, OH  44035


many boxes of one piece pipe insulation

Joseph H Myers II

376188 East 990 Rd

Okemah, OK  74859


dropleaf table, chairs, comforter, boxes, lamps, pots

Mary Lou Pajak

541 Harvard Ave

Elyria, OH  44035


floor lamp, toaster oven, ironing board, chest of drawers, totes, boxes, bags, sofa, mirror, basket, fan, hatbox

Shiela A Schmittle

164 Roosevelt Ave

Elyria, OH  44035


microwave, bakeware, table, step ladder, wooden chest, end table, shelf, lamp, bags, boxes

Britany R Speer

1926 Oberlin Ave

Lorain, OH  44052


chair, a/c, totes, holiday decorations, microwave, suitcase, stereo equipment, stroller, golf bag, chairs, night stand, baby carseat, blower, toolcase

Jayonna S Whitaker

215 Brace Ave #B

Elyria, OH  44035 2661


(2)  At 11:00 am at Stop-N-Stor, 1534 Lowell St, Elyria OH 44035:


Microwave, end table, boxes, afghan, table, office chairs, totes, kitchenware, bunk bed frame

Brett Baker

41925 Earlene Ct

ELYRIA, OH  44035


dresser, glider, student desk, bikes, play house, crates, boxes, totes, tv stand, play kitchen, scooter, toys, coffee table


701 Broad St Apt. C12

ELYRIA, OH  44035


grill, boxes, bags, sectional, mattress, box spring, fishing poles, shovels, lamp, bookshelf, computer, games

Danette Lee Bryant

85 Gladys Ct

OBERLIN, OH  44074


boots, mattress box spring, microwave, dresser, recliner, dart board, vacuum, end tables



MEDINA, OH  44256


Christmas tree, laundry basket, clothing, boxes, bags, shoes, lamp


3124 Elyria Ave

LORAIN, OH  44055


shovels, chairs, coffee table, baskets, duffle bag, boxes, totes, clothing, bedding, step stool, vacuum, grill, freezer



ELYRIA, OH  44035


chin up bar, boxes, end table, coffee table, floor lamp, totes, mattress, keyboard, clock, duffle bag, suitcase, futon

Dominic D English

421 Foster Ave

ELYRIA, OH  44035


dryer, bed, chest of drawers, night stand, guitar, boxes, bags, microwave, vacuum, kitchenware


834 OAK ST

ELYRIA, OH  44035


bed frame, musical instruments, bed, chests, foosball table, cooler, tv stand ,nightstands, washer, dryer



ELYRIA, OH  44035


Couches, refrigerator, chest of drawers, end table, ladders



ELYRIA, OH  44035


desk, garden seat, pull cart, totes, boxes, potty chair, drop leaf table, craft supplies


7333 Lake Ave Apt B

ELYRIA, OH  44035 2567


golf clubs, bike, folding tables, TV's, trunk, games, bowling ball, file drawers, boxes, totes, dining chairs, table, skates, fishing poles



ELYRIA, OH  44035


box, trash can, mattress and box spring, bedding

Eric Henry

1817 East 32nd St

LORAIN, OH  44055


golf clubs, tanks, clothes, boxes, bags, toys, books, totes, twin bed frame, mattress, chest of drawers, games, punching bag, fishing poles, chair, small ladder, lock box, shop vac, speaker



ELYRIA, OH  44035


bed frame, pictures, totes, boxes, mattress, night stand, refrigerator, stove, holiday decor, hand bags, mirror, fan, suitcase, end table, chair


237 Brunswick Dr

ELYRIA, OH  44035


suitcase, metal shelves, table, totes, boxes, bags, floor lamp, toys, movies, kitchenware, dining set, microwave

Carlotta Lattimore

256 George St #2

ELYRIA, OH  44035


coolers, orange cones, buckets, pvc pipes, antique ironing board, work light, boxes, speaker

Jeremy McKenzie

3824 Clinton Ave

LORAIN, OH  44055


post hole digger, shovels, wheelbarrow, blower, folding chair, aerator, bag

David Ostoich Jr

422 Mussey Ave

ELYRIA, OH  44035


TV's, boxes, totes, cooler, movies

Paul Seybert

349 High St

ELYRIA, OH  44035


totes, ac unit, gun case, duffle bag, battery charger

Leonard D Thompson

324 Root Rd

LORAIN, OH  44052


bike, weed whip, chain saw, jack, truck box, gas edger, hand tools, boxes

Daniel A Whitney

7402 Root Rd

ELYRIA, OH  44035


Totes, boxes, baskets, ottoman, exercise bike, books, step ladder, globe, suitcase



ELYRIA, OH  44035


shovels, boxes, fishing net, wagon, sled, cooler, fishing pole, pull toys


372 East Florida

Youngstown, OH  44507


(3) at 1:00 pm at Stop-N-Stor, 2230 West Park Dr, Lorain OH 44053,


cooler, hedge trimmer,window, peg board, display cases, water cooler, refrigerator, floor lamp, wall hanging, bed , boxes, birdhouse, toolbox.

Starlette Batrez

17103 Van Aken Blvd Apt 2b

Shaker Heights, OH  44120


books, R2D2, crate, guitar, amp, telescope.

Maurice Cuevas

1888 East30th Street

Lorain, OH  44055


dinette set, air conditioner, microwaves, tv stand

Tangela Dowell

2215 Mark Dr

Lorain OH  44052


Christmas tree, fishing poles, tv, bookshelf, tool box, floor lamp, lamps, mirror, bikes, mattress and box springs, vaccum, dresser, suitcase, totes, boxes.

Teresa Eakle

1612 West 29th Street

Lorain, OH  44052


mattress, end tables, bed , sofa and chair, hutch, twin bed, frame, side table.

Doreena Fontanez

5544 Green Bay Circle

Myrtle Beach South, SC  29588


tiller, stereo, step ladder, car waxer, train set, boxes, totes, lamps, grinder, record albums, sledge hammer, books, sprinkler.

Ronald E Hairston

4304 Edgewood Dr

Lorain, OH  44053


totes, boxes, vinyl records, toy box, lockers

Ronald E Hairston

4304 Edgewood Dr

Lorain, OH  44053


weed trimmer, desk, file cabinet, trunk,cooler, chair, office chair, suitcase, keyboard, boxes, computer, exercise equipment, bookshelf, musical instrument cases, water cooler.

Vanessa Jones

1308 Factory Street

Lorain, OH  44055


totes, bags, crutches, bouncer.

Courtney Nelson

2243 Lorain Drive

Lorain, OH  44052


chest of drawers, dresser, bed, mattress and box spring.

Gwendolyn Shorts Norfus

1509 West 22nd street

Lorain, OH  44052


tv, refrigerator, heater, end table, coffee table, suitcase, microwave, tvs, speakers, night stand , a/c

Lewis Wade

1347 Washington Ave

Lorain, OH  44052


Three public auctions will be held on Sunday, November 19, 2017, and the contents of the storage unit rented by Occupants listed below will be sold (unless redeemed by Occupant prior to the sale).  “Contents” includes but is not limited to items listed, and units are typically sold as one lot to the highest bidder.


(1)  At 10:00 am at Stop-N-Stor, 1055 E. Alexis Rd, Toledo OH  43612:


coffee table, boxes, bags, chairs, mattress, floor lamp,

Erica M. Broka

2336 Charlotte St

Toledo, OH  43606


bed frame, chest of drawers, hutch, t.v., stereo system, chairs, ceramic lion, boxes,  totes

Marvin L. Davis

657 E. Pearl St

Toledo, OH  43608


hedge trimmer, scooter, shovel, bike, carpet cleaner, crutches, helmet, football pad, wagon, tool box, boxes, totes, jewelry armoire, fishing poles, baseball bats

Christian A. Dean

3942 Drummond

Toledo, OH  43613


microwave, boxes, chair,  bike, vacuum cleaner, bags, coffee table, hockey sticks

Tracy L. Goad

6205  Jackman #29

Toledo, OH  43613


totes, chairs, suitcase, boxes, t.v., table, kids four wheeler

Kelly L. Hutchison

27 W. 8Th St

Monroe, MI  48161


printer, childs car, blankets, boxes, book shelf, trash can

Crystal T. Jackson

3014 Wichita Rd. #304

Toledo, OH  43613


file drawers, suitcase, dining set, bags, rack, ceramic tiles, washer, dryer, yard tools, boxes, totes

Madgelynn E. Lovett

P.O. Box 2628

Toledo, OH  43606 0628


bed frame, boxes, desk, end table, sofa, coffee table, t.v. stand, dresser, rug

Cynthia A. Myrice

117 Mel Simon Dr. Apt#8

Toledo, OH  43612


T.V., Vacuum, riding toys, aquarium, chest of drawers, crib, toys, box, bags

Keif A. Pribe

728 Galina St Lower

Toledo, OH  43611


end table, boxes, coffee table, dresser, t.v. stand, kitchen aid mixer, board games, baby car seat.

Justin A. Ropp

4602  288th St

Toledo, OH  43611


grill, mini refrigerator, tiki torches, helmet, ironing board, vacuum, chair, speakers, fireplace

Paul  A. Scott

624 Dussel Dr.

Maumee, OH  43537


boxes, shelving, circular saw, work lights, toys, Christmas decorations, grill, wall hanging,mower, pack-n-play pen

Dennis R. Watson

1800 N. McCord rd Apt#172

Toledo, OH  43615 3088


mattress, office chair, stool, refrigerator, dresser, mirror, stroller, baby swing, lamp shade, chest of drawers, toys, magazines, speakers, bench

Travis Woodbury

2346 W. Alexis Rd

Toledo, OH  43613 2137


(2) At 1:00 pm at Stop-N-Stor, 645 Earlwood Ave, Oregon OH  43616:


crutches, stack chairs, doll house, scooter, tackle boxes, lamps, bags, drill, easel, office chair,  work horses, work step

Gabriel Jesus Ramos Aguiar

1328 N Michigan St

Toledo, Oh  43604


shovels, skis, crutches, tile, saws, lawn mower, dryer, lamps, boxes, crates, picnic basket, toolbox, sled, shutters, cages, coffee table, suitcases

Robert L. Amburn Jr.

1618 Kelsey Ave

Toledo, OH  43605


ladder, picture frames, wood chests, coffee table, walker, lamp, toys, crates, ironing board, mower, hose, rocker, chair, wagon

Robert L. Amburn Jr.

1618 Kelsey Ave

Toledo, OH  43605


2 corner curio cabinets, stein, cake carrier, shelf

Coleen Marie Brillhart

2084 Lafrance

Oregon, Oh  43616


statue, fan, hedge trimmer, bike, weed whip, blower, bags, clothing, rug, wall hanging

Donald E. Gilmer

222 Kevin Pl

Toledo, Oh  43610


cabinet,dollhouse, totes, bike, stereo components, bags, lamp, table/chairs, speakers

Christopher A Hatley

715 Reineck

Toledo, Oh  43605


suitcase, rug, boxes, totes

Matnett L Henderson

3745 N Erie St Apt 1D

Toledo, Oh  43611


chairs, sleeper sofa, boxes, totes, suitcase

Virgie Bouyer Hicks

9161 Summer Song Ln

Sylvania, OH  43560


cooler, totes, bread maker, shark floor cleaner, table/chairs, kitchenware, lamps, end table, boxes, stereo, luggage, go cart

Charles W Hill, Jr

3525 Navarre Ave Apt H45

Oregon, Oh  43616


bags, boxes, duffle bag

Christina Lavaugh - Marie Madison

1015 Woodstock

Toledo, Oh  43607


copier, stereo, speakers, fan, mirror, corner shelf, stool, bedding, clothing, cot

Carl William McKimmey

241 Licking St

Toledo, OH  43605


hope chest, tv trays, fishing poles, golf bag,totes, baby changing table, bike, sled, wicker basket

Teonna L. Rickman

1022 Patchen Rd

Oregon, Oh  43616


tv stand, flower pot, baskets, mic stand, hand tools, grill, fireplace tools

Dellas C. Scott

80 S Wheeling Apt 407

Oregon, OH  43616


refrigerator, toddlers bed, washer, stove, glass, box

Tia Marie Snider

2141 Hawthorne St

Toledo, Oh  43606 4542


a/c, china cabinet, sofa, boxes, washer/dryer, stove, microwave, tv, vacuum

Ronald James St John

2208 Hanley Rd

Genoa, Oh  43430


cook top, dvd player, suitcase, duffle bags, a/c, fishing poles, bags

Andre Shawn Taylor Jr

439 Oak St Apt C

Toledo, Oh  43605


mattress/box spring, boxes, sofa, end table, dryer, dressers, hutch, night stands, lawn mower

Brian Matthew Thebeau

868 Rogers St

Toledo, Oh  43605


mattress/box spring, printers, boxes, futon, bench, microwave, globe, toys, headboard, dvd's, clothing

Shari Dee Thompson

5328 Sanders Dr

Toledo, Oh  43615



(3) At 3:00 pm at Stop-N-Stor, 4420 Woodville Rd, Northwood OH 43619,


table saw, mini fridge, heater, oxygen machine, table, vacuum, bread maker, picnic baskets, coolers, grill,

safety bed rails, shop vac, fans, iron board, book shelf, ladder, microwave cart, totes,

John William Breitenbecher

1905 Tracy Rd Lot 163

Northwood, OH  43619


desk, rocker, hope chest, hat box, baskets, crates, lamps, drop leaf table, framed pictures, bed, totes, boxes

Christine A Donbrosky

1534 Millicent Ave

Millbury, OH  43447


tv stands, sofa, desk lamps, totes, bed rail, microwave, floor lamps, mattress/box spring, toaster, laundry baskets

Erica R Morris

4060 N Sonny Dr

Millbury, OH  43447


TERMS OF SALE: Valid driver’s license to register.  Payment by cash or check.  $50.00 CASH deposit required for each unit purchased. 

Auctioneer: Ken Belkofer 419-836-9612